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Buy upholstered furniture in Ukraine

The insane pace of life leaves so little time for relaxation. The ability to restore strength in a short period is a vital skill of a modern person. Ukrainian factory of upholstered furniture Barva Furniture works to help make your stay quality, deep and as relaxing as possible.

Want to buy upholstered furniture from the manufacturer and are already tired of looking for the perfect price-quality ratio? You have found what you so desired! Drum roll, and here it is - very comfortable, multifunctional and designer furniture: modular sofas, corner sofas, small straight sofas, beds, chairs and pouffes in our online store from the best manufacturer of upholstered furniture in Ukraine.

Barva Mebel Upholstered Furniture Factory has been leading the market in Ukraine for 19 years. Our team is constantly developing and adding new approaches and ideas to production. For those who know the price of money and are willing to pay for quality, the official website of the brand presents furniture created with a soul and in good conscience.

The site catalog Barva Mebel is one of the most relevant and stylish in Ukraine and Europe. Each set of upholstered furniture for the hall, bedroom, hallway, study can be a spectacular accent of any modern interior.

Upholstered furniture from the manufacturer

Furniture manufacturing is a special kind of art that requires a combination of creative and engineering approaches, a sense of taste and knowledge of anatomy. Creating a beautiful wrapper is not enough. It is important to make the filling durable, reliable and certainly comfortable. Designer upholstered furniture from Zaporozhye from the Barva Mebel brand is a reflection of this approach. The importance of every detail, the harmony of forms and individual upholstery options create a unique atmosphere in the homes of our customers. In the catalog of the online store you will find sets of upholstered furniture, sofas, armchairs, beautiful poufs for the living room at affordable prices.

The assortment of the factory of upholstered furniture: leather sofas for the living room, designer sets of upholstered furniture with armchairs, large upholstered corners in a spacious room with a large area for furniture, chair-beds - is presented in the salons of large cities of Ukraine. Upholstered furniture from Zaporizhia can be delivered to any address, or you can pick it up personally from the salon.

Want to be sure that a set of upholstered furniture will meet all your expectations? About good quality, we receive feedback from customers who, after the first acquisition, become our regular customers. Prices for sofas and other upholstered furniture from the manufacturer reflect its real value. This is ideal for those who want to buy a high-quality set of upholstered furniture for many years, and not change it once a year due to fragility.

Upholstered furniture - sofas

What could be better than a cozy sofa to create a warm family atmosphere at home? Buying a sofa is like twisting a special comfort zone for the whole family. Manufacturers of upholstered furniture in Zaporozhye Barva Mebel recommend that you familiarize yourself with the wide variety of sofas in the photo on the site, and then choose the one - yours alone. But first, decide on the type of design.

  1. Now modular sofas are at the very peak of fashion and are breaking all sales records. Now, customers prefer to buy upholstered furniture in the form of functional sliding sections, which are easy to rearrange and combine at their discretion.
  2. Corner sofa is a good solution for small rooms. A large selection of stylistic solutions and sizes of soft corners allows you to complement the interior of a spacious hall and give a complete look to a small room. A corner sofa will visually expand the room of a smart apartment, where every centimeter should be involved.
  3. Direct sofas are always relevant, immortal classics. Our factory of upholstered furniture offers various options for direct sofas for small rooms, offices, living rooms, hallways. A sofa of a direct form is an opportunity to combine cosiness with universality. A small sofa and 2 armchairs will give the apartment an atmosphere of family warmth.

Not sure which option to choose? Order a set of upholstered furniture from a sofa and an armchair - this is a classic that will harmoniously fit into any interior.

Upholstered furniture - beds and armchairs

Healthy sleep is very important and directly affects the human body as a whole. Recovery and replenishment with new forces, physical and moral relaxation - this is something you definitely should not save on.

The beds of Barva Mebel - one of the best brands in Ukraine - are made of environmental materials, with strong wood frames and reliable mounts. We want to give you the opportunity to choose a decent upholstered furniture, with a well thought out design and unique design performance. You have the opportunity to pick up a bed of any size, but the most popular models are in the sizes 160x200 and 180x200 cm.

But what about without armchairs? Upholstered furniture of Ukraine is not only sofas. Kits with armchairs - the perfect harmonious solution in both home and commercial interiors. With us you can buy a chair, which for many years will become a favorite place of relaxation, solitude, as well as a convenient working area. Model Teddy and Polo go beyond the generally accepted idea of ​​how the chair should look and give a feeling of uniqueness and elite. Sofa chair is a universal solution that allows you to create an extra bed with limited dimensions of the room.

If you think that our upholstered furniture is too expensive for you, that it is too expensive, you are mistaken. We offer products that are 100% justified and last for many years, without forcing you to change them after the first year of operation.

Discounts, promotions and sales of upholstered furniture - from the factory of upholstered furniture

Do you doubt that you can buy inexpensive sets of upholstered furniture profitably and without compromising on quality? We congratulate you, you have found this ideal balance of price and high quality - you can always find discounts on upholstered furniture with us. Rate the models from the photo and pick up the product of your dreams.

Sale of upholstered furniture is a real opportunity to buy a bed at a low price, or finally change the old sofa to the perfect set of upholstered furniture that can make the living room the most beautiful and comfortable place in the house. Upholstered furniture is inexpensive from the manufacturer - this is not a myth, but a reality that is available to you in the online store or in the salon in Zaporizhia, Kiev, Odessa and other cities of Ukraine!

Where can I buy a set of upholstered furniture inexpensively? At Barva Mebel, every sale is a real fall, where you can buy a unique set of upholstered furniture at a discount!

Where to buy upholstered furniture from "BARVA MEBEL"

Are you looking for a place where it is better to buy upholstered furniture for your home or apartment, or maybe you want something original in a modern style in your office? Barva Mebel sells its products not only in the domestic market, but also supplies them to the USA, Germany and other EU countries. Want to know where you can see and touch our furniture in person? Then we suggest you look into one of the salons in any major city of Ukraine.

Appreciate yourself, your comfort, surround yourself only with the best and know that you deserve high-quality upholstered furniture. Trust the Barva Mebel brand and appreciate all the delights of a comfortable stay!

We are doing everything possible so that Europe is not where you need to show your passport, but in your home. Therefore, we produce sofas, armchairs and beds for people with high demands on quality and a developed sense of beauty. We connect knowledge in design, physics and anatomy, so that each model is perfect. We create reliable and beautiful furniture, which is purchased in Lithuania and Germany, and we sell it at an affordable price.