Barva Mebel - Zaporozhye furniture factory

Barva Mebel creates furniture for recreation by body and sou

Barva mebel creates furniture for your body and soul to rest

Living room and bedroom are the place where you experience the best emotions in your life: the joy of communicating with friends and family, the tenderness of a loved one, the long-awaited relaxation after a long day's work. BARVA MEBEL factory of upholstered furniture operates to create a coziness in the most pleasant moments of your life.

“Do and do it well” says an Italian proverb,which we made our motto.

Our production activity began in 2001. For 16 years we have developed more than a hundred models of upholstered furniture, which are sold all over Ukraine and outside.

Quality like theirs, prices like ours

We are sure that you have heard the phrase «German/European quality at the Ukrainian price» from every second Ukrainian company. And no less we are sure that in reality the promised «German quality» turned into the Ukrainian «we have what we have».

We DO NOT SAY, that we have «European quality at the Ukrainian price». We simply CREATE products that compete with European analogues, and we SELL them at prices that are adequate to Ukrainian realities. And this is confirmed by the real FACTS:

Barva mebel is in demand in europe

BARVA MEBEL upholstered furniture is sold in the salons of USA, Latvia, Lithuania and even Germany. It not only meets European quality standards, but also competes with the local market. And if the demand in Ukraine is not yet an indicator of quality, and all of men, the Germans have plenty to choose from. And they choose and appreciate us.

The team of professionals has not changed for more than 10 years

There is no turnover of key employees in our staff. This means that no one will sharpen skills on your sofa - the master of his craft will set to it and do his job impeccably.

We adopt the design of the best models of european furniture

To create beautiful modern furniture and meet the high expectations of our customers, we are inspired by the works of the best companies in Italy and Germany. The latest models of the catalog without delay convey modern trends in interior design. It is comfortable to have a rest on furniture like this. It is a pleasure to look at it. The external design is better to be seen with your own eyes - in the catalog on the site or in the salons of your city.

Italy is even closer than you think. It is at your house - on your sofa.

And remember: if the finished version of the sofa does not fit into your interior, you can order an individual design (selection of the type of fabric and upholstery color) and fit the dimensions.

We choose long-term and modern materials  

We deliberately use more durable and expensive materials to create furniture. Yes, our products lose to some analogues in the price, but they win in strength and reliability - and this is much more important! Moreover, in the long term, this approach is more cost-saving: after all, the longer you do not need to buy a new sofa, the more money you save in your wallet.

To exclude defects, all materials undergo a thorough input quality control before work commences.

Safety of materials is proved by certificates of compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards.

Facts about barva mebel, which we are proud of

1.       16 years of painstaking work.

2.       Sales in Germany, Latvia and Lithuania.

3.       60 employees who have worked with us for more than 10 years.

4.       Dealer network of 20 stores throughout Ukraine.

5.       Hundreds of developed models.

6.       We set the trend for the entire Ukrainian market of upholstered furniture. This can be confirmed by the copying of our models not only by small manufacturers, but also by large furniture factories.

How to buy soft furniture from manufacturer?

You can order furniture by calling us on the phone or through offline stores in your city. Where BARVA MEBEL is sold, see the map.

Finished option or individual order

You can buy a finished model or choose its parameters at your discretion (change the fabric, color or size). In this case, your order will be ready within a few weeks. Furniture can be delivered from 20 salons throughout Ukraine.


Your insurance against our mistakes is free diagnostics and furniture repair within 18 months after purchase.

Where to look and touch?

Furniture manufacturing facilities are located in Zaporizhia, and the dealer network is all over Ukraine. Choose a nearby store on the map, come and study models live. Inspect from all sides, test with your whole body and choose the best!