Corner sofas OREGON

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Characteristics of the corner sofa "Oregon"

Options: modular sofa, corner sofa, straight sofa

Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height): 320x200 cm
Sleeping area (Width x Depth): 170 cm depth
Transformation mechanism:dolphin
Depth of seat: 80 cm / 58 cm
Seated height / Total height: 43 см / 95 cm
Linen box: optional
Additionally: The possibility of installing a mechanical change of backrest position

The modular sofa "Oregon" is a sales leader not only in Ukraine but also enjoys popularity among customers from the USA and Germany. Comfortable and soft seats, adjustable headrests and armrests, as well as the option to change the seating depth, provide additional comfort.

One of the distinctive features of the "Oregon" sofa is its spacious sleeping area, 165 cm wide, which sets it apart from other models of this type.

The frame of the "Oregon" sofa is made using a metal profile that reinforces the wooden beam, making the structure durable and stable.

The linen box of the sofa is very spacious and durable, as it is made entirely of laminated board with a thickness of 16 mm.

The "snake" type spring makes the seats of the "Oregon" sofa soft and resilient, providing comfort and support. "Oregon" is a modular sofa, so you can choose modules that will form a sofa suitable for you in size, from a straight to a L-shaped version. You can also choose the functionality you need, such as a linen compartment, a sleeping area, decorative cushions.

High-density polyurethane foam ensures durability and maintains the shape of the sofa.

The design of the "Oregon" sofa perfectly complements the majority of modern interiors, emphasizing the excellent taste of its owner.

By purchasing the modular sofa "Oregon," you can be confident that you are choosing excellent furniture that will provide comfort and coziness in your home.

Buy a sofa Oregon: ✓ angular, straight, modular. The mechanism of the sleeping part is a dolphin. Ꙭ Sleeping depth - 170 cm Ꙭ ✓ Photos ✓ Price ✓ Features ✓ Reviews. ✈ Delivery in Ukraine. Quality guarantee 100%


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high-strength polyurethane

adjustable headrest

adjustable armrest

zigzag spring

storage compartment

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